Psychophysical Gymnastics

Psychophysical gymnastics involves integrating rhythmic movements using mental intellect as a foundation with multiple yoga positions for developing mindfulness, discipline, and coordination. Master Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere designed this exercise plan.

The practice of psychophysical gymnastics is structured in a series of movements and groups of specific asanas. For this reason and comfort, it is recommended to use yoga pants for women, yoga Capris, or yoga shorts for women. In this way, you can ensure greater reach in the movements and flexibility. 

Benefits, Manual Of Psychophysical Gymnastics (2000):

  • Improve the conditions of the muscles, increasing their elasticity, strength, and tone
  • Increase the volumes and capacities of the lungs
  • Benefit the digestive and assimilation functions
  • Promote glandular balance
  • Contribute to the development of mental faculties: attention, concentration, and emotional balance.
  • The multiple movements that are performed in psychophysical gymnastics are accompanied by full breathing or yogic breathing using the lungs at their maximum capacity:

Complete Breathing:

  • Lower or abdominal diaphragmatic: With the inhalation, the lower part of the lungs is inflated by inflating the abdomen
  • Middle or intercostal thoracic: Characterized by expanding the rib cage to the sides, separating the coastal arches and activating the intercostal muscles
  • High clavicle: Associated with the slight elevation of the shoulders and the first costal arches.

Structure Of Psychophysical Gymnastics:

It is recommended to practice in open or ventilated spaces, with comfortable clothes such as yoga pants for women, yoga Capris, or yoga shorts for women, in the same way, to stay hydrated and at rest from food intake, so as not to interrupt with the digestive processes.

  1. First Series: Warming up phase – Stretching
  2. Second Series: Articulate movements of the foot in coordination with breathing; elongation of the body, extension, and flexion of hips, elbows, and knees. Rotation of neck, arms, upper body, twisting spine. Each movement must go in synchrony with the breath.
  3. Third Series: Movements must be performed on the floor on a yoga mat with the most comfortable clothing for exercise, like yoga pants for women, yoga Capris, or yoga shorts women. In this series, we are working mainly on strengthening the abdominals, lower back, buttocks, and legs.

Conscious Relaxation: After an intense practice of physical exercises, it is appropriate that practitioners prepare themselves for a state of relaxation and tranquility. It is suggested to practice breathing techniques that allow relaxing the tensions of the muscles and thoughts, in order to proceed to the next phase with a receptive and harmonious attitude.

Yoga Poses Session: Once the body is warm and the mind is relaxed, basic yoga postures are carried out, such as sail with variations, the plow, clamp posture on the ground, release of winds, floor twists and lotus posture or half-lotus posture.

Final Relaxation: At the end of the physical conditioning, conscious relaxation and yoga postures, we proceed to prepare the body entirely for rest, where the body is lying on the mat face up, keeping the breathing slow and deep, dissolving thoughts and sensations.

In this way, the practice of psychotic gymnastics is basically described. It is advisable to have the advice of professionals, instructors, or masters who can guide the movements with details and thus guarantee an efficient practice.

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