Steps & Tips on How to Perform the Eagle Pose

The eagle pose is a standing asana. It is quite challenging because it requires a lot of focus and balance. This pose provides plenty of benefits such as strength, flexibility, and serenity. During this pose, you must let go of all your thoughts, maintain a calm and relaxed yet stable position, and focus on your breath. Here is some effective advice on how to perform this asana.

#1. Prepare for the Pose

You must start from a standing position. Ideally, you should begin from the mountain pose. Keep your feet together or at a small distance one from the other. Maintain a flexible posture, and make sure your knees are slightly bent. Those of you who are more experienced can start this pose from a sitting position.

#2. Prepare Your Legs

Shift your entire body weight on your left foot. Then, cross your legs as follows: place your right leg’s thigh over your left leg just above the knee. Ideally, you could try to hook your legs together by using your left calf as a support for your right foot. Once you do that, make sure to realign your body and re-level your pelvic area. 

#3. Place Your Arms in the Correct Position

First, extend both arms in front and place them in an upright position until they reach towards the ceiling. Then, bend both elbows while you cross your left arm over the right one. Finally, you must bring your palms together. If you cannot do this, don’t worry! You can still enjoy the experience and benefits of the eagle–use your right palm’s fingers to hold your left thumb with. 

#4. Final Touches–Refining the Pose

Bring your body a little back as in the chair pose. Hug your legs together. Your elbows should be aligned with your shoulders in terms of height. Reach with your arms as high as possible to stretch your shoulder blades as much as you can. Don’t push with your shoulders. Keep them down and relax your body especially the face and jaw area. The eagle pose can be done in two ways: you either sit up straight or you lean forward until your lower elbow touches your upper knee. Something else to consider is using a yoga block to help you maintain your balance. Just place one block under your lifted leg and rest the tip of your toes on it. 

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Benefits of the Eagle Pose

Improves blood circulation especially in your limbs and joints

Creates a detoxifying effect in your body, being an energy booster

Strengthens your thighs, feet, calves, and even ankles

Develops balance, concentration, stability, and focus

Let’s Recap

The eagle pose is a popular yoga asana among yoga lovers. It will boost your metabolism process, improving immunity and mental focus. We encourage you to follow our recommended steps, described above, to reach a level of perfection when it comes to performing this pose. Don’t give up! Keep trying, and let us know how well it went.

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