5 Yoga Outfit Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re heading to your first yoga class or you’re practicing every day at home, you need the right outfit for your workout. Follow our simple tips below to avoid discomfort and make your next yoga session the best one yet.



Wearing something too tight

Yoga is all about movement. You need to be able to stretch and fold. This is going to be very difficult if you are wearing an inflexible or dense fabric. Choose something stretchy so you can move freely. Don’t choose leggings that have a string tie as this won’t move with you; instead, choose a good stretchy waistband that will be forgiving as you move between poses. Wearing a tightly woven fabric is also not advisable since it can cause you to sweat more; and thus, keeping the sweat against your skin, resulting in irritation.

Wearing something too baggy

Whilst something too tight isn’t ideal for practicing yoga, you don’t want anything too baggy either. There’s nothing worse than leaning into downward facing dog only to realize that your t-shirt is up over your head. You won’t t see your alignment and, even worse, you unintentionally expose bits of yourself that you would rather remain hidden. Pick well-fitted yoga clothes so these move with you and you avoid any embarrassing mishaps!

Wearing something see through

This is just a solid tip for life! If the person behind you can see through your yoga pants as you move into warrior II, then you’re opening yourself up to a world of awkward conversations. Avoid this by asking a friend or partner to do the ‘bend over’ check before heading to class. Choose workout leggings that are made from good quality material. You may also opt to purchase printed yoga pants since it can avert the eye from seeing through.

Worrying about your shoes

As soon as you get onto the mat, you need to be on your bare feet. So, waste less time picking out your trainers and worry more about finding the perfect leggings to pull on. Socks can cause you to slip so avoid these unless they are specialist yoga socks with extra grip. The best way to go is barefoot; just make sure you’re up to date on your pedicures.

Wearing something too hot

No matter how relaxing yoga is, it’s still a great workout and you’re sure to work up a bit of a sweat. Don’t try to cover yourself up in huge clothes thinking that you’ll be cold. Depending on the venue of your practice, you may always consider wearing cropped leggings if you’re heading to a hot yoga session. Similarly, a sweatband can also be helpful if you are worried about excessive sweating. On another note, a thin microfibre jacket can be the perfect layer to keep you warm on the way to and from class during the winter season.

Your yoga outfit should be helpful to your practice, rather than a distraction. Keep it simple and you’re sure to enjoy every moment.

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